Oct. 2002

It took more than one year to complete the garden. The total space of the garden is as big as 1053 square meters so you can walk freely and enjoy the views of the garden. The image of the garden is a natural environment, as if you are standing on a highland and feel a nice breeze. Therefore, many stones were used in an artificial grass hill, and the tea garden of the hon-zasiki (Japanese style room) and butuma (a room where Buddha and Buddhist memorial tablet are treated) are divided by katsura-gaki (a type of Japanese fence).

The huge rose hedge (W37mXH4m) was made in the tea garden with moss.

A rock-stone deck is set in the Western style living room.

The following trees are planted in the gardens: kōyō , the stump of a zelkova tree, nishiki -tree, sidare-zakura (a type of cherry blossom), natu-tubaki (a type of camellia), a huge ego , yama-hōshi , etc.