1978 Designed garden for Zenkoji store.
1980 Designed garden for Fukusei Temple.
1985 Designed tea garden for home of M
1988 Designed garden for President of Nagano Prefectural Sushi Association.
1990 Designed garden for Y Distribution Company main office.
1991 Designed private garden for NEP President.
1993 Designed private garden for K Planning President.
1996 Designed main garden for Saihokukan Hotel.
1998 Designed private garden of Meiji-ya.
1999 Designed personal garden of Yorozuya.
       Nagano Prefecture, Komoro Animal Protection Center, Landscape Engineering.
2000 Saitama Prefecture, Shimizu Construction, Landscape Engineering.
2001 Designed gardens of T, S and T.
2002 Designed personal garden of the Chief Executives of Kanemoto Industries.
2005 Kuzuryu-taisha, Hosen-in and Horaku-en

 Numerous other Notable achievements include: Togakushi Tuji Ryokan, Hospital Director Dr. A’s private garden, Jyoren Temple, Individual residents of Kyoto, and the famous tea goods shop Fujitubo. Additionally, he is continuously designing new gardens.